Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A WIP wednesday

It is good that I made a list of sorts.Lot of ideas of this and that, got cleared of my mind and I actually started working though my list. Yeah!:)
My "Ripple Love" afghan has grown and is not mobile anymore.So I am working on it whenever I find time at home , making a slow progress- maybe a row or two.This is how it looks now:)

Also started on a filet , as" a on the go" project.I have pinned this,"Home sweet home" chart long back.
Looks simple and classy. Would make a beautiful home decor, if it is framed.Perfect for my new home. What is more exciting than planning and setting up a  new nest?!

Project details:

Pattern: Filet-Home sweet home
Source: Sauntering stitches blog
Thread: Anchor red heart crochet cotton size 20
Needle: Boye size 9(1.4mm)

Thats all for now.
Happy crocheting everyone:)


  1. Ripple love is so bright and colourful, it will be a beautiful project when done as will the Home sweet Home project and yes just right for a new home.

  2. Not sure if this is a repeat msg but got an error up whilst publishing.... I really like the colours you have chosen for the ripple and that piece of filet looks lovely... perfect for a new home x

  3. Your ripple afghan looks very colorful and pretty!! :) home sweet home is looking nice too.

  4. Both projects are great. The colors of the blanket are so nice and cheery and will be a welcome in the gray winter months. The filet crochet is really pretty and will be an excellent item in your new home.

  5. Ripple looks fantastic - so bright and cheerful!

  6. I need lists to keep me on track; I find they really focus my attention. I guess I must really like crossing things off lists :) I've been meaning to try Filet Crochet for ages. I just love the classic look of it. Yours is lovely. Always nice when a home has personal touches!

  7. Your filet decoration looks great!

  8. Love the ripple and your filet crochet :-)
    Great job..