Monday, August 25, 2014

A Year Of Projects

More than a year has passed away without much activity here. Life has been a roller coaster ride.Things are settling down  and I am BACK!

Niki inspired me to join "A Year of Projects" blog along happening at ravelry.

My crafting list for YOP 14-15:

Baby Blanket:

1.For my nephew/niece: A new addition to the family:) 

2.Friend's baby: She is due around December first week


I have a lot of WIPs stuffed everywhere, waiting to be finished and put to use. 

1.Granny bag

2.My hobo
3.Starling bag
4.Two amigurumi

Ripple Love: This is a special project for ME. A blanket of love for my  new home. 

A gift for my fiancee and myself!More like a wedding gift to Me! Sounds crazy???
Hoping to finish it before November.

Challenge: Take up knitting!

Book: 99 little doilies- have  been through this book and did two doilies. Would like to make some more

Try at

1. Hair accesories for my little niece Kavya

2. Jewellery
3. Clothing- Shrug & Skirt
4. Sweater for Mr. S
5. Decor for my new home

The list is not very specific, but this is all I have in my mind now. Just like a small compass directing in my crochet land:)


  1. What a great first list! Non specific is often the way to go with a first list it leaves things open enough for you to chop and change your mind, you will find over the course of a year that things get added in and taken off and our minds change, quite often or at least mine does but nothing like getting stuck in at it.

    1. Thank U:)
      Yeah that is my plan here... My mind changes alot:/

  2. Love your list, I think it's always best to keep things flexible, if you're anything like me you will be adding and maybe even subtracting from it throughout the year.

    Good luck with your 'learning to knit' challenge, it's a lot easier than you may think.

    1. Thank U:)
      I learnt to knit but not purl! Keeping my fingers crossed:)

  3. Yay... Its great to see you here... Looking forward to following your blog x