Friday, December 28, 2012

Puffy Puff!

The moment i saw the puff stitch cell phone cozy in Love of stitch blog, I know that I'm going to do one.
Here is mine.... Thanks love of stitch for the beautiful pattern. You can find the pattern here

This is a heart keychain that i crocheted! HAPPY CROCHETING:)


  1. Hi! Thanks for your lovely comment :)
    I like the mobile cozy, puff stitch is great for such crochet items:)
    The heart key ring is awesome! Very cute:)
    Take care, happy holidays,

  2. Thanks Anna:)for your lovely words.
    happy HOLS!

  3. Hi!it seems the whole world is blessed with the art of crocheting and enjoying except me...... lovely work!

  4. Thanks Ghazala!
    Crochet is so addictive...try then you won't let the hooks go down

  5. wow very nice. i was planing to make a key chain but now i got my idea. thanks for sharing...
    your blog is wonderful.
    best wishes.

  6. Your mobile cozy is nice! You joined my blog sometime back but I wasn't able to reach you and yours being a no-reply blog you might not have received my message. Today, I was trying for all those blogs that I couldn't reach, I was able to see yours. :) but I couldn't see any follower button on your blog.