Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A big Granny Square...

My fiancee who is very much interested in all my activities , went on a yarn hunt last month and brought me a bag full of colorful yarns and threads.Lucky ME!!! He is such a source of inspiration and motivation.Since i haven't worked with threads earlier, i started working with threads. A stole and a cell phone pouch is in the process of making.

To give a break, I peeped into my  stash and found the sublime aqua and pista shades of yarn.Immediately my hands twitched and started crocheting a granny square. A big granny!
Planning to do a granny bag ! Lets see.... I got the edges neat this time. Happy crocheting!


  1. beautiful colors, very neat work:) your bag will look awesome! are you going to give lining to it?great to have such interested fiancee:)

  2. Thanks Anna!
    Yep planning to give a lining yar...