Monday, March 4, 2013

Shells & DC's

Days are passing by and WIP's are hibernating.... I wanted to crochet something which winds up fast and hurray! I did a beanie and drawstring bag..
Found some gratification in finishing a baby beanie in two hours and something wearable too.

It is crocheted for my niece. Tried hard for a modeled photograph- Alas! with all head bobbing and shaking,the beanie stays on her head for not less than 2 minutes and my photography skills are not too good to capture it in seconds:(

First time that I crocheted a rose. Hope it turned out well!

Here comes the drawstring bag- the surukupai (Tamil). My great grand ma used to have a drawstring bag made up of beautiful pieces of left over fabrics and it used to accompany her always carrying her tobacco and knick knacks.Just felt nostalgic :) This is my version of surukupai(drawstring bag) . Gifted it to my sister who is using it as a purse.

Happy Crocheting:)

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